Chihuahua Kennel Belarus Judi Teilor deals exclusively with one of the most devoted and smallest dogs in the world – Chihuahua, in our kennel you can buy both short-haired Chihuahuas and long-haired representatives of the breed. We regularly participate in dog shows both in Belarus and abroad. Our chihuahua kennel is a member of the international organization FCI and has the appropriate certificate. All puppies of the kennel receive pedigree documents, an international veterinary passport, and are fully vaccinated at the time of departure from the kennel. The geography of residence of our graduates is very extensive: the European Union, Israel, Russia, Belarus, the USA… Each puppy is examined by a veterinarian before leaving the kennel.

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If you want to buy a chihuahua in Europe, you can contact us. The nursery has all the conditions for professional breeding of chihuahuas. Our chihuahuas have strong immunity, are vaccinated regularly. Our puppies have an excellent healthy psyche and will not be aggressors, so they are perfect for a family with children. We regularly conduct preventive examinations of our chihuahuas at the state clinic. Our kennel works with professional zoo couriers, so the delivery of chihuahua puppies is carried out all over the world, we also help to issue all the necessary documents for crossing borders (veterinary certificates), if necessary, we send them to countries requiring rabies titers, we carry out this test in clinics.

Chihuahua Kennel JudiTeilor offers chihuahua puppies for exhibitions, for family, for breeding work. In our kennel, mini chihuahua puppies are born, as well as the standard. We deal with both short-haired chihuahuas and long-haired chihuahuas. All possible colors of chihuahua are collected in our nursery.

The producers of our kennel have all the necessary titles and ratings for breeding work received at exhibitions from various FCI experts. We carry out breeding work exclusively only according to the provisions of the FCI. The nursery producers have been tested for patella.